Haiku No. 1

sun breeze whispers spring

chanting birds join their rising - 

dazzled by their song

Haiku No. 2

buds stretching in height 

purple blossoms still at sleep -cracks in winter’s calm

Haiku No. 4

a bumblebee hums

resounding in the open - 

what stays is her search

Haiku No. 13

past silken shadows

returned on wings with the swans - 

revival in heights


Haiku No. 8

birds greeting the day

chilling velvet fades westwards - 

a ballad is born

Haiku No. 10

cool morning air

fragrance of moonlight fades -

balm for the senses

Haiku No. 5

black flight of swallows

brushing high clouds with their wings -

a onetime union

Haiku No. 9

dense heat holds its breath

shady ocean of green leaves -

in stillness they dance

Haiku No. 15

festive red blossoms

inhale light to feed the earth - 

deepest devotion


Haiku No. 14

vast sparkling darkness

embraces the night of storms - 

a wild cosmic dance

Haiku No. 3

call of a pigeon

two heartbeats in fluffy breast -

longing horizon


Haiku No. 7

sun rays on soft snow

blue rainbows exhale relief - 

a dawn of new life

Haiku No. 6

white ocean stretches

frozen lakes will hold their breath - 

in grace nature rests

Haiku No. 11

unveiled trees in grey

inhaling frost at nightfall - 

in-depth transition

Haiku No. 12

sound of the first snow

shy fairy lights from heaven - 

a tender calling