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Nature Poems

At Dusk

orange-blue pearls 

beaded on trees

shaped by the mountains

that soon rest at ease

blades of fine grass

whistle their song

the width seems to chant

mighty tunes along

sunken long fields

dandle their corn

a cradle at night

where whispers are born

fleeing dusk-sky

tucking me in

I saw with your eyes

the magic within 

Maple Wings

through my locked window in town

I spotted a little maple tree on wings

flying upwards against all odds,

the windy snow could not stop 

that rising hope in flight 

to reach where it soon intends to grow

God’s Nature

reach out to nature

she will take your hand

a creation impeccable 

to teach how it is meant 


God’s seed is hidden

whither you will go

in the most simple soil

it will surely grow


I reach out to you

while you take me home

to a state of calm,

a prayer’s dome


meditating on the movement 
of the branches
as the storm reaches the sky

watching with humility
the genuine, hefty blows
and nature’s patient reply

at last, the flying sounds
enter my serene spot
humming their good-bye

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