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Susan Be. is the pseudonym and stage name of the singer, songwriter, poetess and award-winning scientist Dr. Susanne Bartel.

As a musician, Susan carries a distinct independent sound grounded upon her knowledge of merging diverse instruments from the guitar, accordion, flute, piano and computerised drum tracks to her favourite kitchen utensils, thus giving her tune that indie folk music vibe. The flexibility of her music unfolds rhythmic improvisations and varying melodic textures that serve as the conduit to her musical structure for conveying emotion and creating spiritual response.

In her meditative state, Susan taps into the depths and dynamics of Northern Indian classical music which she has studied for the last 20 years. This musical style though is not revealed in her audio tracks because it serves primarily as a base for her convergent expression of healing and peace.

As a poetess, Susan’s works are an intimate conversation between nature and the human spirit. Her verses bring the readers to a paradigm of cascading thoughts from the salient reflections of the subconscious down to the most rudimentary and often ignored beauties of daily life.

J.P. Bell

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