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Susan Be.

Susan Be. is the pseudonym and stage name of the singer, songwriter, poetess and award-winning scientist Dr. Susanne Bartel.


Originally hailing from Germany, Susan embarked on a captivating journey that led her to New Zealand in 2022, where she now resides alongside her husband, the renowned poet and visual artist, J.P. Bell.

In her previous role, Susan served as the Head of Research and Development for a nationwide non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Germany. Through her work, she dedicated herself to a myriad of community projects and initiatives, showcasing her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Susan carries a distinct independent sound grounded upon her knowledge of merging diverse instruments from the guitar, accordion, flute, piano and computerised drum tracks to her favourite kitchen utensils, thus giving her tune that indie folk music vibe. Her journey as a singer-songwriter was marked by the release of her first music album, 'The Same No More,' in 2020. 


Beyond her singer-songwriter roots, Susan has also immersed herself in Indian Classical music for over two decades. Her dedication to this rich and intricate tradition demonstrates her versatility as an artist.

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