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let the sunlight run through your hands

be the boat that never lands

catch the moment count the stones on the way

to be one with your lake

ride the waves that come to meet you

from the blue when you don’t move at all


bring me home that solitude

bring me home your lucky stone

bring me home the world in your eyes

New Zealand


for you I write
what you reveal to me
oh islands of the mountains
that summon the mist
on fields of silent waters 
to ease the thirst of blue butterflies 

as guest I stay
in your timber palace
where shadows arise from caves 
in search of their creators
to revive old fires in hesitant hearts

a blank canvas I am
on your waves of resounding air
coloured by rain and sun
hopeful to set your legend 
to a tune of peace

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6/23: My music is now also available in London, New York and Melbourne!


Abstract Art

5/23: Check our our VLOG


Street Photography

2/23: Explore the stunning street photography of my beloved husband J.P. Bell.


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